Our Safety Plan

                                                             We want to ensure you that your B&B experience here with us is a safe and memorable one.

We are a Sustainable Tourism “GOLD” certified and a Biosphere Committed Accommodation We have always been committed to enhanced cleaning using ENJO, a chemical free cleaning system, guaranteed and documented to clean better than any other cleaning system, which provides a safe, healthy clean.


1. Assessed Risks

This is an owner/operated B&B and provides B&B accommodation of up to a maximum of 8 people. The B&B accommodation includes:

  • 3 sleeping rooms:
    1. queen bed with en suite (1 or 2 guests)
    2. queen bed with en suite (1 or 2 guests)
    3. 2 queen beds with en suite (1- 4 guests)
  • Dining area; 3 separate tables outdoors – 2 separate tables indoors
  • Guest deck: seats 4 people
  • Guest Patio: seats 4 people
  • Guest Gazebo: seats 2 people

2. Protocols Implemented

  • Hand sanitizer placed in guest hallway and in the breakfast area.
  • Frequent cleaning of all high contact surfaces in the guest areas.
  • If Guests are staying multiple nights, we will not provide daily housekeeping but we will make arrangements for any housekeeping needs.
  • Guests are asked to leave the windows open upon check out to allow adequate ventilation
  • All lighting in guest hallway is via motion sensors or timers so it is touch free.

3. Policies

We have identified surfaces often touched by guests, such as doors, doorknobs, doorways, tables, chairs, railings, hand sanitizer.

  • Guests are encouraged to use hand sanitizer on entering and leaving.
  • Frequent cleaning of all high contact surfaces.
  • Enclosed containers for clean linens to be stored in.
  • All linens washed at 140oF.
  • All linens dried hygienically.
  • Laundry baskets are provided in each room for soiled towels to be placed.

Guest Welcome Time 4-7 pm

  • Early arrivals cannot be accommodated at this time due to enhanced cleaning requirements.
  • Guests needing to arrive later than 7pm must make arrangements to do so.
  • Guests are greeted outdoors in the driveway before being escorted through the guest entrance and hallway.
  • Only registered guests are allowed to enter our B&B.


  • Breakfast is plated and served to guests.
  • Each set of guests has their own condiments.
  • Breakfast is available from 730-930 for guests to choose a time.
  • We are certified in Food Safe and are following the required protocols regarding food and kitchen safety.

4. Premises monitored daily by Owners/operators

We are aware at all times of who is on the property, and maintain a high level of security to protect our guests and their families while staying at our B&B.

5. Risks to be assessed as needed

During the times of the year that we cannot eat breakfast outside we will off- set breakfast times for social distancing measures, if requested by guests.